5 Best Light Bulb Camera Reviews And Buying Guide In 2023

One of the important things that we all have realized over time is that every house needs something that will help in increasing its security. With time, technology has taken another step, and one such thing has advanced the way of securing the house, which is the light bulb camera or, you can say security light bulb. The special thing about this light bulb is that it comes with a camera installed in it. 

There are many bulbs that have a hidden camera in light bulb, and no one will be able to recognize it from its looks, but there are other bulbs as well that have a visible camera. These bulbs can help you a lot in keeping your house safe, as they come with some smart features as well, like motion sensors, automatic shut-off and on, a wireless connection, and more. 

So, overall these bulbs have proved to be much more beneficial than thought. Well, if you’re wondering what some of the best light bulb cameras are, you’re in the right place today. In this article, we’ve covered not only the five best light bulbs with cameras, but also some factors that you must take care of while purchasing one.

5 Best Light Bulb Camera Reviews

1. Camera, Include 16gb Card 1080P WiFi Security Camera, 2mp Wireless IP Led Cam,360 Degrees Panoramic vr Home Surveillance Cameras, Motion Detection/Night Vision/Alarm – Best Security Features

Worried about the safety of your loved ones, this security camera from Shiyung Security Technology is the solution to your problems.


  • Manufacturer: Shiying Security Technology
  • Product dimensions: 6.5 x 4 x 3.7 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Alert Type: only motion
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Low light technology: Night Color

This security camera from Shiyung Security Technology is one of the best spy bulb camera available in the market. The camera supports a Wi-Fi connection as well. You can also download the app and then follow the instructions given in the manual. You can use this security camera as a baby or a pet monitor as well. This camera can keep an eye on your room and would turn the lights on automatically if any movement is detected. It can also give you a clear picture at night, making it ideal to be used as a security camera light.

There are five levels of sensitivity available for this device, and you can get the sync alarms to your smartphone via the app. So, by using this light bulb camera, you can go out without any worries. When the camera gets connected to the WiFi, the live streaming can be accessed through iPhone and Android mobiles.

Special Features

  • You can connect this wireless camera to your phone by downloading the app.
  • It can view things and movements at an angle of 360 degrees. 
  • Can detect movement faster.
  • This camera can be controlled via remote control.
  • The camera is hidden in the light, so no one would suspect it as a security camera.


This app works perfectly.
It is worth the money spent.


It could be a bit difficult to set up.

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2. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera | Wire-Free, 2K Video & HDR | Color Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, 6-Month Battery Life, Motion Activated | Direct to WiFi, No Hub Needed | Works with Alexa | FB1001, White – Best Choice

Made with the latest technology in the market, you can now safeguard your homes and commercial space using this Pro 3 Floodlight Camera from Arlo.


  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight:  3.05 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Manufacturer
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery 
  • Brand: Arlo
  • Alert Type: Motion Only
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Power Source: Battery-powered
  • Video Capture Resolution: 2K

This security camera is trusted by millions of customers around the globe. You can zoom into the video to see it with more details. Arlo Smart gives you more control over how to manage and see the events happening in your house. With the floodlight, you can focus on important details like license plates and faces with full color even at night. You can get a big picture with a 160 degrees diagonal view. 

The charging time for this device is less. This camera is wire-free and can withstand harsh climatic conditions. The camera can produce a brightness of 2000 lumens and 3000 lumens using the outdoor magnetic cable. You can receive notifications and alerts quickly, and two-way audio is available because of which you can talk and listen to your visitors. 

Special Features

  • Can be connected to the WiFi directly.
  • It produces an output of 2000 lumens and has a magnetic charging cable.
  • This camera light bulb works with Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.
  • It can cover all corners and has increased flexibility.
  • Include two-way audio.
  • You can zoom into the video to see more detailed images.


It can detect movements faster.
The camera is easy to install.


The picture is of average quality.

No products found.

3. Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera, 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Security IP Camera for Home Baby Pet Monitor Remote Viewing Camera Night Vision Motion Detection Wireless Camera 2.4GHz – Best Image Quality

With high resolution and panoramic view, this light bulb camera is made for both personal and commercial use. It has a hassle-free installation process as well.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Alert Type: Motion 
  • Manufacturer: BESDERSEC
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

This lightbulb camera has an Intelligent mode, which makes it one of the best wifi outdoor security camera. This mode makes it light up when somebody passes by it. It can be installed on your porch, entrance, or garden. The camera has a resolution of HD 1080P and an angle of 360 degrees. By using this, you can monitor your office or house with a single camera. This camera can be installed easily by screwing it into a light socket of 110 V to 240V.

This high-resolution camera will provide you a colorful vision during the day and clear vision during the night. You will be able to see your room clearly even when it is pitch dark. An alert will be sent to your smartphone if any movement is detected. You can connect many devices to the security camera at the same time. This device is ideal for monitoring your house during a vacation or to keep an eye on your pets as well.

Special Features

  • It has an Intelligent Al mode.
  • This camera provides a colored vision for both day and night.
  • The camera has a smart motion alarm.
  • It can be accessed through more than one device.


The price is feasible.
It is easy and hassle-free to install.
Can connect to multiple devices at the same time.


Not very reliable in harsh climatic conditions.

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4. Floodlight Camera, Victure 1080P Outdoor Light Bulb Camera, IP65 Waterproof, Auto Night Vision, Motion-Activated Lights and Camera, Two-Way Audio, 2500-Lumen Brightness – Best Waterproof

Coming with a number of features, this security camera promises outstanding performance. With great performance, it is also quite durable. So, if you are looking for a security camera that can withstand harsh climatic conditions, it is probably one of the best options.


  • Manufacturer: Victure
  • Product Dimensions: 10.23 x 7.87 x 6.29 inches
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds
  • Alert Type: Motion Only, Siren
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

This light bulb camera is among the best security cameras, as it takes only 15 to 25 minutes to get installed and has advanced motion detection. You can listen and talk to the outsiders as well. The siren of this camera is activated via the remote. There are two LED lights that produce an output of 2500 Lumens in total. This security camera from Victure has an infrared light and will continue to record even when the lights are off.

The outdoor flood camera will monitor your property in HD resolution, and you can watch the recording at any time you want with the live view. The IP65 weatherproof feature of this light makes this floodlight camera perfect for the outdoors, even in harsh climates. It has an integrated mountain base along with light and a camera which can be adjusted. 

Special Features

  • It is equipped with PIR and motion detection.
  • It has infrared light and HD recording.
  • The lights are ultra-bright.
  • This security camera is weatherproof.


The quality of the picture is good.
The security camera can be installed easily.


The connectivity is not that strong.

No products found.

5. Full hd 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera, Wireless Camera 2.4ghz 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Security IP Camera Monitor Remote Viewing Camera Night Vision Motion Detection for Home Baby Pet – Best Overall

It may be the last on the list, but it’s still the best light bulb security camera. With an HD 1080 resolution, this camera will provide you with clear vision during the night and colorful vision during the day.


  • Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.2 x 3.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 5 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Rayolon
  • Alert Type: Motion Only
  • Wireless Communication Technology: Wi-Fi
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p
  • Field Of View: 360 Degrees

This camera can be installed normally, and you just have to ensure that it is placed within 2.4ghz of the WiFi range. The camera offers HD pictures and videos, and therefore it is ideal for your house. You can download their app and follow the steps given in their instruction manual to use it. 

This device can be used as a baby monitor and to keep an eye on your pet as well. The camera sends an alert notification to your smartphone when it detects any kind of movement. It can control the floodlights by turning them on and off automatically. Plus, it can control the alarm recording as well. All the functions and features of this light bulb security camera can be set by using the app.

Special Features

  • It supports wifi connection.
  • The camera is full HD.
  • It can detect motion and alert via notification.
  • This security camera gives a panoramic view of 360 degrees.


This device is user-friendly.
This product is worth the money spent.
It is quite easy to install.


There could be some issues with connectivity.

No products found.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Light Bulb Camera

Now that you know what the best 5 security light bulbs with camera are, you must have an idea about the features and properties a good spy camera has. Still, it can be difficult to find one which fits your requirements. This is where the buying guide comes into the picture. A buying guide contains the factors which one needs to check in a light bulb camera before buying. 

1. Self-Recording Or Wireless Streaming 

Both self-recording and wireless streaming are great options. It entirely depends on the individual the kind of light bulb camera he wants to buy. Self-recording cameras are more convenient as they record the footage on a memory card, whether internal or removable. On the other hand, a wireless streaming camera constantly live streams the footage. 

If you want to access the footage in either type of light bulb camera, you are required to connect to your computer. In case you cannot decide what kind of light bulb camera to go for, you can purchase a camera with both wireless streaming and self-recording. 

2. Durability 

It is important that the light bulb camera you buy has sufficient durability. This is even more crucial if the light bulb camera is supposed to be outdoors. Outside the house, it will be continuously exposed to the weather conditions like rain, dust, and more. Therefore, it should have properties like water-proof and high durability so that it can withstand these conditions for a longer duration of time. 

3. Compatibility 

Earlier, the traditional light bulb cameras were only compatible with computers and laptops. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, now one can access the footage on their smartphones as well. There are light bulb cameras that are compatible with a multitude of devices like Mac or Android phones, tabs along with laptops, and computers. Depending on the device you use, you can purchase a compatible light bulb camera. 

4. Quality Of The Camera 

This is one of the most significant points of the buying guide. The recommended camera quality should be somewhere from 720 P to 1080 P. A quality lower than this will provide very blurry footage, and a camera through which one cannot even recognize a face is not worthy of your money. 

Moreover, you can also have a light bulb camera with night vision. A night vision camera will be efficient in providing protection against robberies and theft. Hence, this will increase the security of your house. 

5. 360 Degrees Viewing Angle 

The wider the viewing angle is, the greater is the visibility. A 360 degrees viewing angle will allow the user to monitor a wide area of his house and hence, decreasing the chances of mishappenings in your house. Therefore, it is a feature that your light bulb camera should have. 

6. Wi-fi 

It is only through wi-fi that you can connect the camera to your PC. Hence, making it an important feature. Most light bulb cameras require a bandwidth of 2.4 G. While it is true that 5 G is much faster than 2.4 G, it has a very less range as compared to the latter. Also, it is more likely to get blocked by walls and other physical obstacles. For this reason, a 2.4 G light bulb camera is recommended. As most routers are dual-band, one has to make sure that the light bulb camera is connected to the correct bandwidth. 

7. Price 

If you are someone who is ready to spend a good amount of money on a light bulb camera, then you can go for the expensive ones which have a wide variety of useful features apart from the basic features. These will also have greater durability and a longer lifespan. However, if you have a fixed budget and want something more affordable, there are a lot of feasible and good light bulb cameras to choose from.

These might not have additional features but will surely have the basic ones you need in a light bulb camera. However, make sure that it has the features you require. Also, one should compare different brands which offer the same features in order to find a product at the best price possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a light bulb camera?

A1. Well, a light bulb camera is nothing but a LED light that has a camera with it for security purposes. With time technology has increased much, and one such result is the light bulb camera.
They are the modern way of securing your house. These lights may come with a wireless feature, two-way audio feature, high-quality image, motion sensor, and much more.

Q2. How to connect a light bulb camera to a wi-fi network?

A2. To connect a light bulb camera to a WiFi network, you need to open your WiFi menu and search for new devices.
You need to find the security camera name and connect to it. If this does not work, try reconnecting or switch off the light for a few minutes and turn it on again.

Q3. How a light bulb camera actually works?

A3. A light bulb security camera is a type of hidden camera. They are a combination of an actual light bulb with a security camera. These bulbs can draw power from a normal socket fit for a bulb.
You may find some light bulb camera in which the camera is not at all visible, while in some, it may be visible. The camera in the light can give you live footage of everything that’s happening outside your house. Plus, it will give you a good quality image because of the presence of light.

Q4. What is the process of installing a light bulb camera?

A4. It is very easy to install a light bulb camera and is like fixing a regular light bulb. Well, while installing, you need to ensure that there is a good WiFi connection at the place where you want to install the camera. You can check the strength of the WiFi using your phone or laptop.
When you are installing the bulb, ensure that the power is turned off to prevent shocks. You can screw the light bulb camera and just put the cord in a plug if it is corded and turn it on. Once it is on, you can connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Q5. What are the advantages of having a light bulb security camera?

A5. When it comes to our security, we do everything that is possible. One such way of increasing security is by using these light bulb cameras. Well, there are some important advantages of having a light bulb security camera, which is :
a. They can help you to prevent crime. If there is surveillance, then the criminals would stay away from your place.
b. It can help the police to solve crimes by providing proof or to identify the face of a criminal.
c. You can use it to keep an eye on your pets.
d. They can act as a baby monitor or can keep an eye on your older parents at home.
e. They can withstand damage. 
f. It can offer 24 hours protection to your house.


The importance of having a light bulb camera must not be overlooked. A light bulb camera will provide greater security for your house. You can monitor all the activities that happen in your house and hence, also reduce the threat of stealing. 

If you have not already bought a light bulb camera, then it is high time you get one. We hope that the information provided in this article will assist you in finding the best light bulb camera that fits your requirements. Also, remember to consider the points mentioned in the buying guide before purchasing any product. 

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