How To Connect LED Strip Lights Together? [Step-By-Step Guide to Install LED Strip Lights in 2023]

With the advancement of lighting innovation acquiring adaptable LED strips, new avenues for inside plans have been opened to help customers. Property holders worldwide are as often as possible utilizing these strips to enhance the visual looks of their homes and offices.

You need not rely upon the old traditional and harsh lights anymore for your lighting needs. LED strip lighting, because of its versatile plan, can be utilized to create different lighting prerequisites. So, let’s begin.

How To Connect LED Strip Lights Together?

The usual household items and other accessories frequently utilized in many homes can be given a seriously appealing and charming look with these lights’ assistance to create exuberant insides in the rooms.

These can also be utilized in cabinets or utilized for highlighting paintings. You may utilize these for enhancing window treatment as well.

Adaptable LED lights offer many chances of utilizing your imagination to enhance your home’s solace and beauty.

1. Search The Right Type 

The prospects of renovating your home and giving it a facelift are various, contingent upon your creativity. And, interestingly, you don’t have to go through a huge amount of cash for doing that.

At times, all that one necessity to transform a house’s vibes is upgrading its lighting and adding a personal touch to a great extent.

You can further streamline the cost of giving your home new looks by purchasing longer adaptable LED strips, which can advantageously be sliced to get any size as per prerequisites and size of the room.

How To Connect LED Strip Lights Together

You can investigate the Internet to get a great deal of decorating ideas. In any case, one of the popular ways that individuals utilize for the said purpose is here.

2. Cutting The Strip 

You can utilize these lights to highlight your collectibles by lodging those in a doodad cabinet with glass racks.

You may further uplift the impact and transform an average-looking assortment and give it flamboyant looks by incorporating LED light strips sliced to the required size and strategically locating those inside the cabinet.

Guests to your place will certainly think that it’s extremely amusing and appreciate your creative abilities.

Obviously, you can easily utilize these lights for decorating your Christmas tree and the outsides of your home and demonstrate your creative abilities to your neighbors’ jealousy.

3. Connecting The Wires With A Strip Connector 

  • Standard and Wing-Type Screw

On Wire, Connectors is the traditional gadget utilized for connecting copper-to-copper electrical wires. A basic and firm clockwise turning movement of the connector placed over the wires to be connected gives a protected and safe connection.

Read and adhere to the directions near viably strip the finishes of the wires preceding applying the connector.

Care should also be taken to choose the right screw-on connector for the current task. Standard and Wing-Type Screw-On connectors are shaded to perceived industry standards that identify the gauges and check combination capacities that a specific connector will accept.

A specialty High-Temperature Screw-On Wire Connector is available for applications where temperatures can reach 150 degrees centigrade.

Economic Screw-On Wire Connectors are also available and suitable for renovating, new development, new installations, and many other DIY and OEM applications. Shading coded for easy size determination.

  • Nylon Pigtail Closed End Connectors

Another strategy for connecting at least two wires is to embed the stripped finishes into nylon insulated tin-plated seamless copper metal sleeves and apply a measured pleat strain to the connector to get the wires. 

These nylon pigtail connectors are especially appropriate for applications subject to vibration. Four sizes of nylon pigtail shut end wire connectors are available, handling wire combinations ranging from 10 to 22.

4. Welding The Wires Directly To The Strip

Take out the wire stripper, shaper instrument, 3 mm double-sided adhesive tape, and LED underbody pack.

Mount the LED underbody unit under the car. Nonetheless, the wiring harness is amazingly weak and might give way easily.

Thus, the distance between the actual place of LED strip light mounting and the control module must be calculated properly before starting the actual interaction of LED pack mounting.

  • Attempt and mount the strip lights beneath the chassis. This will guarantee that the LED strip light gives the necessary illumination but does not block the car’s external perspective.
  • Remembering all these conditions, finalize the place for mounting these strip illuminations.
  • When the final installation site is fixed, use the zip ties for mounting the LED strip lights, always under the chassis for unhindered view.
  • Guarantee that the LED strip illumination is mounted in a tight and straight position.
  • Repeat the same interaction for the remaining three illuminations and mount all the four lights in place.
  • Carry out the same interaction for the LED strip light wiring.
  • When the final installation site is fixed, use the zip ties for mounting the LED strip lights, always under the chassis for unhindered view.
  • Guarantee that the LED strip illumination is mounted in a tight and straight position.
  • Repeat the same interaction for the remaining three illuminations and mount all the four lights in place.
  • Carry out the same interaction for the LED strip light wiring.
  • When the wiring is laid down, connect the arrangement with the control module.
  • Mount this control module on the internal side of the motor bay.
  • Plug the mounted wirings in the control module.
  • Always connect the positive wire (red) and the negative wire (black) of the stock with the positive (red) and negative (black) wire of the battery.
  • Keep in mind, never haul the wire out of the pack for eliminating it, as it may bring about damage. Always reassess straightforwardly for eliminating the wire.

How To Connect External LED Strips? 

A portion of the LED light globes is open at the top. Therefore, you have to be certain when you will install them in a place that can shield them from the rain or snow.

Basically, the outside LED light accompanies elastic steel that fits between the fixture and the wall to ensure the electrical connections.

At this time, this article will give you several tips to install an outside LED light. Look at the accompanying tips.

Step 1: 

Right off the bat, you need to get the wire through the opening and then get it through the openings in a light switch box. You ought to install the case on the wall based on the guidelines from the manufacturers.

Then, you need to strip three crawls of the external covering from an electrical wire to reveal the white wire, the black wire, and the bare wire.

Then, it would help if you stripped for about 1/2-inch of the insulation from white and black wires.

Step 2: 

Furthermore, what you have to do in installing outside LED lights is to hold white wires parallel to each other and then add the finishes to the wire nut. After that, you have to fix it down on the wires. Then, it would help if you did the same thing with the bare wires.

Actually, the light switch accompanies two thermals. You need to tie down one of the black wires to the one and the other black wire to the other with the screwdriver.

Additionally, it would help if you also tied down the change to the light switch box, and then you can install the switch cover plate.

Step 3: 

Thirdly, you should go to the LED light location, and then you need to strip the wires like when you accomplished the light switch.

After that, you have to connect the white wire from light to white wire from electrical wire, like when you did with the light switch.

This step ought to be repeated with the black and ground wire. You have to wrap the connections of the wire nut utilizing electrical tape and then push the connection into the intersection box.

Step 4: 

Fourthly, you need to set the cover plate of the fixture over the intersection box. Then, you ought to align the openings of the screw with those on the intersection box.

After that, the screws that are given the fixtures ought to be embedded, and you need to fix the fixture to the wall. Please do not neglect to check the elastic seal to guarantee that it is certainly in place.

What You Need To Do To Begin LED Lighting Installation?

Installing these fixtures is easy. Whether you have a dropped roof or can get above it, it is feasible to install LED fixtures. Installing can be precarious when you don’t have access to the roof, but fortunately, most manufacturers offer renovating fixtures.

  • These fixtures are meant to be installed from underneath the roof.
  • The other thing that should be taken a gander at is if there’s a power source near. 
  • All you have to do is cut a circular opening in the roof and attach the lead wires to the intersection box. 

Safety Features Involved With Installing LED Lights 

  • If insulation makes contact with an inadequately rated LED light fixture, it could start a fire. That’s the reason it’s prescribed to get an insulation-contact fixture.
  • If you run a cable into another intersection box and then to the light, the intersection should be a place that you can like the attic or basement. If it’s covered by something, then it will not work.

Step By Step LED Lighting Installation Instructions For Home

Step 1: 

Cut an opening and start wiring the light. Mood killer the power to the house. Have an electronic stud locator handy to locate roof joists.

Make a layout of the fixture on the roof. Utilize drywall saw to cut another opening or enlarge a current one for the joists’ LED light.

Step 2: 

Strip the wires if you need to, then connect them to the fixture with wire connectors. Now, start connecting the fixture’s dark wire to the dark house wire, then white to white, and ground to ground. Get the wires into the crate and fasten the cover.

Step 3: 

Then, you need to install the fixture lodging. Start transforming the fixture into place in the roof until the tabs mount into the roof and the fixture is in place. The fixture and its intersection box are both lights, so you will not have to get the intersection box to a joist.

How To Install LED Strip Lights For Ceiling?

The work of installation is certifiably not an exceptionally difficult one. Dropped roofs or access from above makes it even easier.

Nearness to power is another important factor. If a roof box already exists where you want your light, you disconnect the crate’s wires and reattach them to the cut-in can.

Step 1: 

To do that, you cut a circular opening in the roof and attach the lead wires to the intersection box. But you can save a great deal of cash if you can manage it yourself.

Step 2: 

For safety, always purchase an insulation-contact (IC) rated fixture. Insulation interacting with an improperly rated recessed light can spark a fire.

Finally, install inward baffle and trim. Install the bulb, reestablish power, and you’re through.

The Basic About Flex LED Strip

In the current market, an unadulterated white shading flex strip is regularly used by individuals. Other mono-light shading strips are available in the market, like blue, red, green tones.

RGB Flex strips lighting has been regularly utilized as a decoration reason. The RGB strip comes in 4 connector pins and requires a regulator to achieve the shading changing reason.

By utilizing the regulator, a client can adjust the light splendor yield, shading change frequency, and shading change musicality with distant capacity.

1. Innovative Designs

The chase flex LED strip is one of the latest LED strip lights available in the market. Clients can even achieve running light impact inside a flex strip. Anyway, the cost for this flex strip is generally costly.

The flex LED strip lighting always comes in two length choices, namely 5m and 10m. You can always demand longer determination if you are purchasing in tremendous volume.

The width for the flex LED strip is around 1.2cm, and the thickness is 0.3cm. For Silicone coated or silicone tube insulation, the width and thickness will increase by 0.2cm. Apart from the bare strip, a client can choose Silicone Tube insulation or Silicone Coated insulation if the flex strip will be utilized outdoors.

Silicone Tube may cast a diffusion reason as well. Anyway, the cylinder may turn out to be slightly yellowish after time and make the lighting look dimmer.

2. The Utility Of LED Strip Lights For Interior Decor

Undoubtedly, the most supportive feature of these lighting strips is that they give various practical and economical ways of enhancing the vibes of any part of your home.

Compared to traditional wellsprings of light, LED strips are exceptionally economical. These lighting strips can be sliced to any ideal length for lighting any given space.

One of the easy alternatives of utilizing LED lighting strips is in your home’s lounge, wherein they demonstrate ideally accommodating for showcasing your collectibles like family treasures, portraits, and handcrafted things.

Apart from enhancing the vibes of your room, they assist you with creating an appropriate state of mind in the room that you’ll discover ameliorating at the finish of a hard day’s work.

Can You Connect LED Light Strips Together?

These strip lights are mainly utilized for decorative applications. You can have them in varying tones and shapes.

As of recently, hued lights were made utilizing hued focal points, wrapped over usual bulbs. You can now readily get LED lights in varying tones as per the necessities of lighting and decoration.

Universities and schools regularly utilize these shaded lights with the end goal of inside decoration.

Their expense and easy availability add to their popularity. They produce an amazing lighting impact at a considerably lower cost.

Multiple sites would display the potential arrangements for arranging these lights in decorative styles and fashion. Because of the progressing rivalry, most online stores keep their costs serious by offering attractive limits.

It shouldn’t amaze you to learn that a portion of the stores will actually want to offer you free transportation and convey the arranged merchandise to your doorstep.

Why Do People Prefer Using LED Lights?

LED lights are among the best lighting sources that you can get in today’s market. Since these are made from special plastic, they are truly durable and not liable to break easily.

A normal LED light transforms approximately 80-90 percent of electric energy into light. This high productivity is achieved without sacrificing the light yield. Such lights are also alluded to as cool wellsprings of light.

The main factor that contributes to the popularity of these lights is their expense. Since the expense of manufacturing such lights is low, these are offered to customers at lower costs.


You’ll discover many manufacturers advancing the idea of utilizing LED lighting strips. Nonetheless, the most widely recognized wellspring of purchasing such lights is through online stores, many of which specialize in LED products’ sales.

The advantages of purchasing on the web are notable now. The most supportive feature of web-based shopping is that you can know the assessment of others who have already utilized the same product from the same vendor.

This was all from our end on connecting LED strip lights together. Let us know how did you design your house with LED light strips.

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