How To Convert Flourescent Tubes To LED? [7 Unkown Benefits] [2023 Updated]

how to convert flourescent tubes to led

The latest technological light technology currently in the market is LED lighting technology. The LED technology offers myriad benefits as they operate uniquely to incandescent and florescent bulbs. Wouldn’t it be startling that fluorescent tubes can be replaced with LED? Let us run through such beneficial pointers and learn the above benefits and shortcomings. 

For individuals desiring to move an economic life by saving energy and cost, switching to LED lighting from traditional fluorescent lights is a wise choice. For navigating with the innovative idea, there are two ways: transforming the complete fixture to work with LED or fixing fresh LED fixtures. 

It is also worth noting that there are several other factors, such as budget, lighting goals, fixture location, etc., for LED light fixing. Irrespective of all ambiguous scenarios, it is assured that transferring to LED light fixtures reduces operating costs and energy use. 

How To Convert Flourescent Tubes To LED?

Few individuals desire to convert fluorescent fixtures to LED based on the current lighting status. In such cases, there are two ways to move on for hassle-free transformation of fluorescent to LED. 

1. Fluorescent Tubes Replaced With LED Retrofit Tubes 

The LED retrofits drive abundant benefits, which paves the way for energy efficiency and cost saving. Glimpse through the best features of LED retrofit tubes and clear your doubts about the same. 

  • Rather than substituting the whole fixture opting for LED retrofit tubes is an ideal choice as they are less expensive. 
  • By opting for a LED retrofit, a minimal amount of fixture rewiring is essential. Such an arrangement is vital to sidestepping fixture ballast. This step’s beneficial aspect helps to wire the main straight to the socket. 
  • A fact about light fixtures is that 10% of the ballast accounts for the energy draw of fixtures, and in such an efficient fixture, you’re assured of better energy saving. 
  • The best feature of LED retrofit tubes is getting rid of dimness and flickering, which indicates ballast faults and ballast failures are also averted. 
  • Individuals hoping to fix the LED retrofits in high-end home interiors have the opportunity as these lights are available in high-efficiency and standard models. 
  • The lumen rating is a vital feature in the replacement tube that renders additional brightness. In that manner, a 4-foot fixture, 4 lamp offers an extraordinary double. 
  • LED are an excellent category of lights where 4 lamp utilizes about 60W to 80W, but the fundamental aspect is that they are even capable of working with higher power than mentioned. The ultra-high Lumen lights owe higher efficiency permits you to light 4 lamp fluorescent with the need for only two LED tubes or 40W Vs. 128W. 
  • Look into the fantastic lamp life where LED retrofits deliver 50,000 hours of average lamp life compared to fluorescent lamps that render 30,000 lamp life. 
  • Do not worry about DLC listing, as LED retrofit tubes come with and without DLC listing. The main feature of DLC is energy saving upgrade. 

2. Fluorescent Tubes Replaced With Magnetic LED Strips

For ones jumping to plan two, employing LED strips is a great way. Run through a few highlights and benefits the magnetic LED strips have. 

  • By comparing with tubes, the magnetic LED strips are pocket-friendly as removing fixtures isn’t needed. The best aspect is that it eliminates the energy pull from the equation and ballast. 
  • The primary factor of strips as the external drive is that it paves the way for heat dissipation and improved airflow. The above feature supports enhanced reliability of strips and extended life of light. 
  • Enjoy hassle-free tasks with magnetic LED strips by only linking the driver to the building power and continue connecting the driver to the magnetic strips with the cables provided. In this scenario, wiring power to tombstone sockets isn’t required. 
  • Opt for magnetic LED strips as they support effortless installation. The driver and magnetic strips abide by metal fixtures easily for easy installation. 
  • The brightest lights in the magnetic LED strips category are available in the market today. Purchase such high-power lights and illuminate the area installed. 
  • The startling news about magnetic LED strips is that they are obtained up to 185 lumen/watts.
  • They also owe a surprising average lamp life of 50,000 hours. 
  • For utility refund eligibility, the magnetic LED strips are DLC listed. 

Opting To Swap From Fluorescent To LED fixtures 

There are three methods for individuals desiring to switch from fluorescent fixtures to LED fixtures. Take a peek into the three ideas with details and pick the one appropriate based on your condition and scenario. 

1. Fluorescent Fixture Replacement With LED-Ready T8 Fixture And LED Tubes 

  • The task is a cakewalk where the LED tube is employed without rewiring. The only chore here is to pop the tube in and enjoy. 
  • Bring a fresh look to the place by updating the latest fixture. 
  • The LED tubes available in the market come with varied lamp life, lumens, and watts. Based on the purchase, the above factors differ. 
  • Look for rebate and DLC listings while purchasing LED tubes. 

2. Opt For Troffers Or LED Light Panels

  • Opt for troffers and retain its footprint while upgrading for a fashionable and glossy look. 
  • The troffers are an excellent choice for replacing fixtures for interiors with suspended grid ceilings. Moreover, surface mounting for flat ceilings is also possible with these categories of LED light panels. 
  • The best feature about installing the LED light panels or troffers is the evenly dispersed lighting without annoyances such as visible dim spots. Such annoyances are present in fluorescent and LED tubes. 
  • It renders incredible lumens for 2*4 fixtures which are nearly 7800 lumens. 
  • The fantastic lamp life of LED light panels is 50,000 hours. 
  • Check for DLC listing and rebate eligibility while choosing troffers and panels.

3. Opting For The Florescent Fixture With LED Fixture 

  • The best choice without much manual work is to completely go for an LED fixture.
  • The above setup of LED fixtures results in a slim and sleek look to the interiors. 
  • The models of LED fixtures vary, suspension with wires and surface mounting patterns are available in the market. 
  • By comparing fixtures with tubes, the LED fixture pattern renders excellent lighting. 
  • Fixture replacement concerns can be forgotten as the long lamp life satisfies it. 
  • The other extraordinary feature of LED fixtures is that they guard against water and dust. 

7 Benefits Of LED Lights 

With adequate information about switching to LED lights from fluorescents, the reason for the same is necessary. Why switch to LED? Let us look into the numerous advantages of LED over a fluorescent light. 

  1. The first and foremost reason to immerse in LED technology is the characteristics and benefits LED technology offers us. 
  2. LED lights prove better energy efficiency than fluorescent bulbs. The US department of energy reports states that a 12-watt LED light renders the same power as 15 watts of fluorescent light. The above portrays that LED lights use less energy, up to 20%. 
  3. LED lights emit directional lights, whereas florescent lights emit omnidirectional light. 
  4. Fluorescent lights emit some amount of UV light that harms the eyes, whereas LED lights are safer. 
  5. LED lights have a lifespan longer than florescent lights and also last thirteen times more than florescent lights. 
  6. As LED lights are rugged, they are more damage resistant than fluorescent lights, which are fragile. 
  7. Flickering at the end of life is common in fluorescent lights and absent in LED lights. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Should I remove the ballast for utilizing the LED bulb?

A1. There isn’t a need for ballast in LED lights as the “driver” component helps in power regulation. 

Q2. Is it worth swapping fluorescent to LED?

A2. LEDs have a better life span and save energy. Moreover, LED retrofitting is cost efficient too. With such benefits, it is worth switching to LED from fluorescent. 

Q3. Are starters required for LED tubes?

A3. There isn’t a need for starters in LED tubes as they are fixed without ballast. The LED’s are beneficial for garages, homes, offices, etc. 


The clear and detailed explanation about swapping LED lights from florescent lights helps individuals efficiently operate. Moreover, the advantages of LED lights are innumerable and environment friendly too. Gather all particulars about LED fixtures, LED strips, and bulbs and start the process of changing from fluorescent to LED lights. 

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