How To Get Broken Bulb Out Of Socket? [3 Easy DIY Ways to Do This in 2023]

When you get mercury on your hands, it is immediately absorbed into your skin and can cause many medical issues. Your body can’t eliminate it easily, and it will live inside your body for a long time. When a CFL bulb breaks, there are a few rules you need to follow to do the clean-up yourself safely. So, here we are presenting this article on how to get broken bulb out of socket.

Many individuals didn’t understand how harmful mercury was and would wash the fluid mercury down the drain and into our water system. This is certainly not a safe way to handle mercury as it adds harmfulness to your drinking water that is hard to eliminate.

How To Get Broken Bulb Out Of Socket?

Removing broken light bulb is a precise work and it always requires extreme care. You must first protect yourself with proper gears to avoid any cuts. However, you can do the work following multiple ways. Here are a few of them mentioned below:

Materials Required

  • Safety gloves
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Tarp
  • Broken bulb extractor
  • Safety glasses

Method 1

1. Turn off the Power.

2. Ensure animals or little ones are far removed and lay a blanket or garbage bag on the floor to catch the remaining broken glass if necessary.

3. Use a type of gloves. The gardening gloves work comparably well!

4. Carefully embed a few forceps as far into the broken base as you can.

5. Spread the handles, then utilizing some power against the sides of the light base, rotate your forceps counter-clockwise.

How To Get Broken Bulb Out Of Socket

6. Keep turning until the base is all the way out! How do you perceive how straightforward that is! And usually, there isn’t a very remarkable wreck to clean up!

Now the goal of this issue could be straightforward! Start paying attention to the amount you fix your bulb. The One Thing to remember is to don’t at any point over fix your bulbs. This could be your concern! If you are experiencing a ton of broken bulbs, this could be an easy answer for your issues.

Just turn the bulb until you feel a slight resistance. There is no compelling reason to continue to constrain the bulb into the attachment! I trust from this point forward. You will have no issue recollecting how to get a broken light bulb out!

Method 2

Step 1:

Changing out your car’s lights is very easy; however, it can look somewhat befuddling when you did not complete it previously. The principal thing you have to do is make sure that the light’s power is off.

On your dashboard, you will locate a light switch that will do this for you. This will serve to hold you back from stunning yourself.

Step 2:

The majority of light dome covers can be taken away by taking the screws off it or popping it off. Many use plastic tabs to keep it in place. Whenever you have taken out this cover off, you have to eliminate the old bulb. You should already have the brand new bulb with you.

To know what type of bulb to have, you can go to an auto parts store and reveal to them the make, model, and year of the car. They will have the ability to furnish you with what you want with that information.

Step 3:

Be careful when taking out the light with the goal that you do not break it. Take a gander at the attachment that it was in and guarantee no soil within it.

Otherwise, this can make the enhanced one wear out faster than it ought to and constrain you to go through more cash. If there is the earth, you can use a straightforward emery material to clean it.

Step 4:

To interchange the light, you need to take hold of the glass part of it and push it into the attachment. Make sure that it fits in it equally and snaps into place. After it is in, you can set the dome cover back on and turn the light switch on to check whether it works.

Method 3

If you wish to replace your projector bulb yourself at home, you need to do it with some extra consideration. Following are a couple of tips that will assist you with replacing your projector bulb at home:

Step 1:

Most importantly, you should peruse the client guide or manual. This is the most authoritative information about how you ought to handle your projector bulb.

And this will also guarantee that you do not damage your projector or the bulb during the time spent on lamp replacement.

Step 2:

Whenever you have turned off the projector and chilled, unplug the unit from the attachment. This will negate any chances of getting an electric stun while carrying out projector bulb replacement.

Step 3:

Then, you have to get down to actually eliminating the lamp from the projector. The lamp compartment is frequently worked at the lower part of the projector unit.

Except for the rear projection, where the lamp is located towards the backside of the projector. Utilizing a screwdriver, unscrew the small screws or fasteners that hold this compartment together.

Step 4:

After this, pull out the lamp assembly and then eliminate the lamp delicately. Make sure you do not break the lamp as it now and then contain compressed mercury, a heavy metal. Whether it is a xenon bulb or halogen bulb, you should be cautious with it.

Step 5:

Before you fix the new lamp, take a delicate material and clean the projector lamp assembly’s insides. Never utilize a damp material for this reason.

Step 6:

Carefully replace the new lamp and associate any free wires back to the assembly. This is the main part of projector bulb replacement.

Step 7:

Finally, utilizing a screwdriver, set the doors of the compartment back in place. Switch on the projector to check if it is working fine. The same precautions ought to be taken while replacing an LCD projector lamp.

While most of us like to undertake projector bulb replacement at home, it is always preferable to take the administrations of an expert lamp replacement agency. These days, there are dealers of lamps who offer professional administrations to save time on replacing your projector lamp.

This makes sure that the cycle is carried out exclusively by experts and there is zero chance of damage to your projector or bulb. Most importantly, this will also guarantee that your projector bulbs are discarded in the recommended manner; because these bulbs are classified as hazardous waste.

How To Dispose Of Your Light Bulbs? 

Two regular light fittings that should be discarded prudently are glaring lights and compact, bright lights, also known as CFLs. This is because they contain small amounts of the poisonous substance mercury, and therefore are undependable to be discarded with other family waste.

Can You Dispose Of A Bulb?

In certain nations, it is actually illegal to remove broken light bulb of these types of light fitting, so you must take care to get some answers concerning the reusing administrations available in your particular area for dealing with these. There are actually laws and regulations for all this.

1. CFL Bulb Disposal

There are generally a couple of ways to reuse your CFLs and glaring lights, including presenting your bulbs on a reusing focus or discarding them in your local facilities for hazardous waste.

A few retailers may also offer facilities to drop off your old CFLs and bright light bulbs when you have gotten done with them, including major chain stores and local, autonomous lighting stores.

2. LED Bulb Disposal

The final type of normal light fitting is LED lighting, which can be environmentally well disposed of in something beyond one way.

As well as being the type of fitting that utilizes the least amount of energy when it is being utilized, it also is generally totally recyclable and contains absolutely no hazardous materials whatsoever.

It could be conceivable to place your LED bulbs in your regular reusing bank. However, it is essential to check with your local chamber or local reusing administration to watch that this is conceivable. It is also a smart thought to look at your LED bulbs’ packaging, as these should reveal to you how you can discard your lights.


There are a few extra steps I would prescribe to anyone who cleans up after a broken CFL bulb. One is to create an air cleansing solution by adding essential oil, for example, lemon oil, to a small spray container of refined water and spray the area to clear the air.

And you could add a drop of lemon oil on the final rag or paper towel that you wipe the floor or other hard surface you are cleaning.

There are places you can take these types of bulbs (and fluorescent cylinders) that are worn out rather than just placed in the trash.

Various local organizations will appear to have programs to discard these types of bulbs safely, and you can carefully transport them there rather than throw them in the trash.

So, this was our take on getting broken bulb out of socket. If we have missed something do let us know in the comments below.

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