How To Reset LED Lights Remote? [3 Quick Fixes For Resetting Your Remote]

how to reset led lights remote

Every house nowadays is equipped with LED lights. They are available in various customizations and add a personal touch to the room. These lights come in big rolls and are easily controllable by remote.

However, there are situations when these LED lights do not work properly. This can be annoying!

But the good thing is that this problem can be fixed with some easy solutions. Let’s consider all of them!

What Are The Reasons Behind LED Light Remote Not Working?

If your LED lights are working perfectly, it must be the remote that has stopped working. This can be because for numerous reasons.

1. Unpairing Of The Remote With LED Lights

For your device to function properly, its remote must be paired with itself. 

The remote may have stopped pairing itself with the lights because of an unsteady pairing system. This happens because of a loose connection or a low battery level. 

In this case, your remote would work fine but would not respond to the LED strip. 


  • Turn off your LED power light. 
  • Remove the remote’s batteries.
  • Unplug the LED controller from both ends.
  • Reinstall the remote’s batteries and plug on the LED controller.
  • Now, press the ‘Hold’ button for a couple of seconds till the indicator blinks. 

2. There Are Signal Issues In Remote Due To Interferences

Usually, the remote controls work using radio frequency waves. Such waves are exposed to signal issues from other devices, which release the same kinds of waves.


  • You need to replace the battery or adjust again the receiver of the LED controller to solve the problem.

3. The Remote’s Battery Is Dead

When the LED light remote is not used for a long time, its battery may get dead until you seal it with a plastic sheet. It is because the electrons flow away from the battery.

If the indicator light on your remote is on but it is not illuminating on pressing the buttons, it is because of a dead battery. 


  • You may insert new batteries into the remote. It’s simple!

4. The Chip Of The Remote Is Broken

Sometimes, the remote chip is faulty or has become malfunctioned. 


  • There is no solution to fix this problem. You have to purchase a new remote and pair it with your LED strips. The only good thing is that LED remotes are available at affordable prices. 

5. Your LED Controller Requires Reprogramming

If your remote is a 24-key or 44-key one, the LED may respond to the remote but a few colors are inappropriate.

Here, you have to pair the remote with the LED light but have to reprogram the LED controller.


  • First, unplug the LED controller. This will ensure that there is no loose connection in the light.
  • Next, press the ‘red’ color button on the remote. The LED light may light up in a different color, but it will soon get fixed.
  • Switch off the remote by pressing the ‘off’ button.
  • This button is the FADE7 button, which is located at the bottom right corner.
  • Press the ‘on’ button and turn the lights on. Now, press the ‘red’ button again. 
  • Repeat this procedure till the red lights lit on the remote. 

When Is The Right Time To Reset The LED Light Remote?

  • Sometimes the LED strip does not work properly. The only choice you are left with is to unplug and plug back again the LED light. This happens after the power outage. If your LED light turns on several times a day, you need to reset the light.
  • It is possible that your LED strip does not work after installation. It is because the strip is finicky or requires resetting. If your LED light is not working with the remote, you need to reset the light’s remote.
  • Another possibility is that the LED lights are working on time. They turn off for a particular duration and then turn on. These lights may lead to some kind of interference that cause them not to work adequately after turning off the timer.
  • Resetting the LED lights can help you get rid of all issues without needing professional assistance. You must check that everything is working fine because sometimes things may go wrong during installation. 

How Can I Reset The LED Light Remote?

You can reset the LED lights in three different ways. 

So, let’s glance at them one by one!

Method 1 – Remove The Batteries

  1. First, you need to remove the batteries from the LED remote. Remove the batteries from the receiver as well as the transmitter.
  2. After removing the batteries, press the power button for almost 15 seconds. It will let you discharge residual power, which is present in the remote.
  3. It is time to insert new batteries into your device. You may replace batteries and use a remote again. Reset the remote to ensure it works properly.

Method 2 – Use The Factory Reset Setting

Another way to reset the LED lights remote is to enable the factory reset function. It is the last option and you can try it when nothing is working.

  1. Look for the factory reset button on the remote. Usually, it is a small button that is hidden on the back of the remote. 
  2. After locating the factory reset button you need a paperclip or a sharp object to press the button for a few seconds. The LED light on the remote will flash. It implies that the remote is reset and fully programmed.
  3. Once the remote is reset, you must follow the instructions that come with the LED light. Such instructions depend on the design and type of model. 

Method 3 – How To Reset The LED Light Remote?

  • If after replacing the batteries or pressing buttons your LED light remote is not responding, you require a hard reset. Locate the reset button on the remote, which is small and located at the side or back of the remote.
  • Use a small object and insert the same it into the reset button. Insert the small object till you experience a click. It implies you have successfully pressed the button.
  • After pressing the reset button, you need to press it for 3 seconds. After that release, the button and reset the LED light remote.
  • After resetting the remote, you may test it and switch on the LED light and utilize the remote to alter the color or brightness. When the remote works properly, you can easily control the light. 

What Does Resetting The LED Light Do?

  • When you reset the LED light, it turns to normal settings. This implies that the light strip will come back to function again and then switch off after a certain time duration. You need to reset the light again to make it work on the default settings.
  • Resetting the LED light can clear out numerous problems in the LED lighting system so that they work correctly without requiring the replacement of its internal parts. 
  • However, there is a possibility that your lights are suffering some extreme issues. In such situations, resetting the lights would not solve the problem completely. Try doing full resetting to have an older LED strip working and change things like timers, color theme, etc. 

Can I Operate LED Lights Without Using A Remote?

Yes, this is possible with a few LED lights that come with a built-in switch. But if there is no such switch in your light, you need to operate it using a remote.

Most LED lights come with a remote. If there is not any remote with your light, you may buy it separately. 

Tips To Use LED Lights Without Remote

  • You can control the LED lights without a remote. For this, plug the lights into a power source. When you plug them in, they receive power through electricity. Flip the switch to turn the light off and on.
  • Alternatively, you can control the LEDs without having a remote with the help of a dimmer switch. This switch lets you adjust the brightness of the light without using the remote.
  • For older houses, you may install a wireless switch that is controllable by a smartphone. It lets you manage things without engaging in remotes or wires.
  • Using microcontrollers for controlling LED is another great way to control these lights. For this, you can program the lights to turn on and off at particular times or react to specific conditions.
  • Finally, go for a smart home system setup. This lets you control the lights from anywhere in the world through an app on the smartphone. 

These are some really good ways to control the LED lights without a remote. Hence, if you have no remote or your remote is not working, you may consider any one of these options. 

What Should I Do If My LED Lights without Remote Does Not Work After Resetting?

  • If your LED light does not work after resetting, it means there is some other problem with the system. In this case, you need to see if there are other issues or loose connections with the LED strip that has to be repaired before it works adequately again.
  • Resetting the LED light may not be helpful sometimes, especially when it is plugged or unplugged a couple of times. It indicates that there is something wrong with such lights beyond requiring a factory reset. In this case, you have to purchase a new light bulb strip. 

1. How To Open The LED Lights Remote?

Most remotes have a black tab button on their back. You need to slide it outwards. For closing it, just slide the black tab inwards. 

2. How Long Do The LED Lights Remote Last?

The performance of batteries depends on the kind of batteries you are using. The CR2025 batteries last between 4 – 6 months when fully charged. While the AAA batteries last for 2-3 months only. 

The lifespan of LED lights is shared in this latest article on how long does LED lights last.

How To Reset LED Lights Remote? [Conclusion]

Most people find LED lights remote confusing as they come with numerous buttons and users are not aware of the function of each button. But when it comes to resetting your LED light remote, we have explained all the possible ways. If you still have any queries, you may reach out to us through our comments section. 

Now you know the way to reset your LED lights remote, get rid of all your hassles, and enjoy a seamless experience!

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