How To Tell If A Light Bulb Is A Camera? [These 9 Unknown Things Are A Must Check] [2023 Updated]

how to tell if a light bulb is a camera

The hidden cameras are the latest buzz across the city as it’s installed without people’s knowledge to detect their activity. The latest hype about Airbnb installing hidden cameras for spying on their guests has paved the way for people to educate themselves about finding hidden cameras across the room. 

In that manner, identifying such hidden cameras is a cakewalk if the appropriate techniques are followed. Keep scrolling down and read the pointers about detecting hidden cameras in the light bulb. 

How To Tell If A Light Bulb Is A Camera?

1. Overhear The Buzzing Sound 

The best feature about mobile phones is that they can detect electromagnetic signals utilizing buzzing sound when brought to proximity. These are similar signals that CCTV and surveillance cameras expel.

For individuals who desire to be alert about their environment and suspect that there are hidden cameras in the bulbs, follow the steps given below. Linger your mobile phones across the bulbs and heed for auricular irregularities and faulty sounds. 

2. Hunt For IR Lights 

While discoursing about cameras, all cameras come with night vision or infrared lights. We often would notice the red or green lights on cameras during recording sessions.

The feature of these lights is that it enables recording even in low or no light areas. Technological advances have taken the wrong route and are employed for recording videos without people’s knowledge. 

3. Analyse For Lens Reflections 

Though there are many ways to identify hidden cameras in light bulbs, one tricky way is finding the lens reflections. If you find the light suspicious, do not wait to switch off the bulb and hover the phone’s flashlight over the bulb.

A good piece of advice would be to use a torch over the bulb. Analyse and watch out for any sparkles in the light bulb. 

4. Use A Hidden Camera Detector 

As the crimes with hidden cameras hike, the camera detector makes its way into the market. A professional hidden camera detector is the best choice for finding a hidden camera in light bulbs. The RF signals in cameras are easily detected with these detectors.

These detectors aren’t rocket science and are effortless in finding hidden cameras. Take the detector around the bulb to identify hidden cameras in light bulbs. Many online sites portray such detectors as pocket-friendly charges. 

5. Install Special Apps

With new innovative detectors, programmers have also contributed by providing various hidden camera apps. The primary function of these apps is finding hidden cameras. Such apps are free to use and can be installed from the Play Store app within seconds.

The application portrays the location of the hidden camera. Install such apps and use them in suspicious scenarios for better safety. 

6. RF Signal Scanning 

The unique feature of wireless cameras is that they transmit radio waves. By employing camera detection tools, the RF waves are effortlessly detected. 

7. Check For Hidden Cameras 

As the name implies, cameras are hidden in unusual places as they are small in size. They are placed perfectly in invisible areas, as mentioned below. If you suspect hidden cameras in your surroundings, keep an eye on the places mentioned. 

  • Night lights 
  • Books
  • Smoke detectors
  • Wall clocks
  • Power strips
  • Mirrors
  • Night lights
  • Air filter equipment 
  • DVD cases
  • Stuffed animals 
  • Laptops
  • Selves 
  • Digital TV Box

8. Trace Hidden Camera With Wifi 

The mobile phone is a camera detection tool if used intelligently. Few hidden cameras utilize the network for the transmission of data. Subsequently, checking the wifi list by switching on wifi helps you detect odd-looking devices. 

Few hidden cameras do not employ wifi. In such cases, download the Fing app with the free network available. The app works wonderfully as it highlights all the devices connected to wifi in the room. 

9. Examining mirror 

Analyzing the mirror in the restroom is a smart way to detect the hidden camera. 

Turn off the room lights and switch on the phone’s flashlight; you can see through if it’s a two-way mirror. Place your finger and review the reflection. A real mirror has a gap between the image and finger. If you can touch the tip of your fingers, there might be a hidden camera. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. How to know if light bulbs have hidden cameras?

A1. Almost all cameras have infrared LED bulbs, which usually illuminate the room exterior. These LEDs let off a faint reddish glow when there is no light or low light. If the user detects an odd glow, it must be from the hidden LED camera. 

Q2. Is it possible to hide a camera in a light bulb? 

A2. The wide angled security camera, a Quanmin hidden wireless camera, can be installed in LED light bulbs. Its core is effortless; the installer needs to screw it to the socket and stream the videos easily to Android or iPhones. 

Q3. How to decide if the camera is present in the light bulb?

A3. The indication that cameras are present inside light bulbs is the presence of lights inside the bulb. The other way is using the phone’s flashlight to detect a hidden light-bulb camera


The above techniques work flawlessly while cameras are hidden. It is always wise to follow such strategies if illicit devices are found in the environment. Though technology progresses to higher levels, such flaws also multiply; hence, it is our duty to stay alert and eliminate such happenings around us. 

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